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Complete BitBurner Module Watercooled by Anfi-Tec (1 Board)

From: €145

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Product Description

  • 4 Layer thermally enhanced PCB
  • PIC32 native USB-Controller
  • CAN-Bus inter-module communication (Only one USB connection for up to 16 Modules)
  • Power Connectors: 6Pin VGA, barrel jack for wallwart, terminal block.
  • Power requirement: ~20 / 40 Watts @ stock speed
  • Onboard 60A adjustable core voltage power supply
  • Host protocol: Avalon emulation
  • Host Software: Cgminer
  • Temperature controlled Fan

Watercooled BitBurner, only 1 board fitted to the cooler.
This includes everything needed for a completed mining cluster apart from the stacking cable.
I assume you will stack the boards in towers of 16 and will include the mounting materials / USB-Cables needed for this use case.
Does not include Fittings, fitting thread size: G1/4″.


Warning: You need to have preordered to the required amount of Avalon Asic chips at one of the distributers on
This equipment is customer specific, orders cannot be refunded or canceled.


  • assembled BitBurner PCB with attached water cooler
  • Micro-USB Cable (one every 16 boards)
  • mounting bolts

Delivery time of this Product varies, we guarantee shipping within a month of receiving the customers chips.

It should take only take 5 to 10 Working days, we are trying to complete your order as fast as we can.


Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Chips per board

10, 20